SYWAB is a state wide league patterned off the highly successful Shoot Your Way Across Texas (SYWAT) league.  It is help during the indoor season usually starting in October and finishing up at the LFAA Vegas Indoor State Championship held at the end of January or first part of February.  

Although the Tour Championship will be held at our LFAA Vegas Indoor State Championship, you do not have to be a member of LFAA to Win!!!  


Thanks to all the clubs and bow shops that hosted the SYWAB tournaments for this year.  Without you obviously we wouldn't be having this series.  In appreciation archers please do not forget these clubs and shops, and the next time you are in one, please say a thank you.
Bayou Bowmen Archery Club
4900 South Lewis St & Port Road
New Iberia, LA
337-364-0561 or 337-257-6626

3 Arrows Archery
8360 Lafitte Ct.
Chalmette, LA

Gotham Archery
14455 Greenwell Springs Road
Baton Rouge, LA

Eunice Archery
1386 US-190
Eunice, LA

Rocking R Archery
195 Dummy Line Road
Jayess, MS
601-754-9752 or 601-695-5400

Bayou Land Bowhunters
518 Albertson Pkwy
Broussard, LA
337-837-3000 or 337-257-6626 
Red River Bowmen Archery Club
4099 Ratcliff Road
Shreveport, LA

Hoot N Holler Archery
601 Barksdale Blvd
Bossier City, LA

Slingin Arrows
1100 E. Main St
El Dorado, AR

Archery Outfitters Pro Shop
3601 Jefferson Ave #1
Texarkana, AR

League Overview

This has turned into a multi-state league held primarily during the winter October-February.  Tournaments are hosted by various shops or clubs.  Shops or clubs are not required to be affiliated with LFAA/NFAA.  Archers 12 and older shoot 10 ends of 3 arrows (30 arrows total) at a 3 spot Vegas or 40 cm Fita target face from 20 yards, archers 11 and under shoot from 10 yards. X’s are used for tie breakers. A perfect score is 300 with 30 X’s. Each shoot at each shop/club on a given weekend is its own tournament.  Line times are determined by the club/shop running the individual tournament. Archers can shoot more than one time at the same shop/club on the same weekend, only the highest score for that weekend will count.

Any archer can compete in the SYWAB tournament.  You do not have to be a member of any organization to compete for the SYWAB individual awards or the SYWAB Aggregate/Tour Championship award held in conjunction with the LFAA Vegas Indoor State Championship.  Awards will be given to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place regardless of the number of entry’s for the individual awards. The winner of each division will be awarded theAggregate/Tour Champion.  NFAA/LFAA divisions and shooting styles will be in effect.  The LFAA will pay for and supply the individual and Aggregate/Tour Awards. The club/shop is not required to provide any type of award at their event.  Shop/Clubs will supply target faces and split the proceeds from the entry fees 50/50 with the LFAA upon completion of each event.
The shop/club will be required to submit their requested dates to participate to the LFAA Tournament Chairman in writing before a deadline set by the LFAA Board of Directors.  The shop/club will meet the requirements for participation set by the LFAA Board of Directors.  The tournament chairman will finalize the final schedule and notify club/shops and LFAA memberships.

The club/shop will be required to submit their results to the tournament chairman no later than Monday after the Shoot.  The tournament chairman will post the results and standings after each event on the LFAA website or a site set up for this purpose.  It is the archer’s responsibility to check their individual results and standings.

SYWAB Aggregate/Tour Champion Award

This goes to the top scoring shooter in their respective division and style for the SYWAB season. You must shoot a minimum of 3 events before the SYWAB Championship Tournament.  Your 3 best scores from SYWAB Indoor events plus your score from SYWAB Championship combined will determine the SYWAB Aggregate/Tour champion for each division and style.  You can only win for one division and style.  Awards will be presented at the awards ceremony on the end of the day of Saturday during the LFAA Vegas Indoor State Championship.

SYWAB Championship

The SYWAB Championship will be held in conjunction with the LFAA State Vegas Indoor Championship on the same weekend and location.  These are treated as two separate events!  If the archer is only shooting for the SYWAB Championship then only one 30 arrow round is required, and it must be shot either Friday or Saturday of the event.  Also, the archer only registers for the SYWAB championship.  If the archer is shooting in both Championships, then their SYWAB round will be counted as one of their rounds for the LFAA Championship, which requires two thirty arrow rounds for a total of 600 possible points.  To compete in both tournaments the archer MUST register for both tournaments.  Also to compete in the LFAA State Vegas Indoor Championship the archer must be a member of LFAA.  One can sign up as a member of the LFAA at the tournament, or prior to on-line at the NFAA webite.

SYWAB Individual Award

Each individual SYWAB event is its own tournament.  Winners for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places will be recorded for Individual award purposes. The individual award is a single award listing the location and place for each individual event where the individual actually placed.  You must shoot a minimum of 3 events before you qualify for any awards. You can only win an award for one division and style.

Shooting Fees

Adults $20.00 for the first round, $15.00 for additional rounds on the same weekend at the same location. Kids (young adult and under) $15.00 for the first round, $10.00 for additional rounds on the same weekend at the same location.  Pee Wee (8yr and under) FREE

SYWAB Aggregate/Tour Requirements

(Combined perfect score is 1200 and 120 x’s)
Best 3 scores from SYWAB Indoor events plus 1st day score from LFAA Vegas Indoor State Championship.

SYWAB Misc. Requirements

Shoot as many SYWAB events as you wish, only your top scores will be used.  You shoot the same location on the same weekend multiple times but only the highest score will count towards the SYWAB awards.

Questions or comments please contact the LFAA Tournaments Chairman for more details: 

David McKelvain 318-286-4988 or [email protected]

For a complete list of SYWAB Indoor events check the LFAA Tournament Schedule.

The 2017/18 Shoot Your Way Across the Bayou (SYWAB) tournament series is completed and man what a series it was.  Being the first year of this series one cannot but claim that it wasn't a well received and successful series for everyone involved.  The competition was there in most disciplines and many of the championships came down to the wire.  

There were a total of 176 archers who participated in SYWAB.  92 of those archers shot in three or more tournaments, and 69 of them shot in the championship held at Slingin Arrows on Feb 3rd.  Archers who participated in this tournament came from five different states: Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama.  

There were two archery clubs and four pro-shops that hosted a combined fourteen tournaments including the championship.  Average attendance was 43 archers, with the most being 67 archers and the least 21, with a total average shooting lines sold being 61, maximum was 90 and the minimum was 26.  On average the clubs/pro-shops made $700.00 per tournament. 

For the 2017/18 SYWAB final standings and logbook can be found below.